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Century® Fitness Balls- [10065]

  • Ideal for a variety of fitness workouts and drills
  • Aids in toning muscles and strengthening balance
  • Comes with dual-action pump and measuring tape to ensure optimal inflation
  • Constructed of durable anti-burst PVC material
  • $19.99-$23.99
    Century® Kettlebells - [2488]

    Kettlebell workouts are intended to increase strength, endurance, agility and balance, challenging both the muscular and cardio systems with dynamic total-body movements. Imported.

    Challenge GripBall™- [2498P]
  • Combines cardio, core, and strength training for a complete and challenging workout
  • The larger diameter allows for a more intense training and a wide variety of exercises
  • Features a unique textured grip material for an effortless grip w
  • $69.99-$79.99
    Dual Grip Medicine Ball- [2493]

    Maximize any workout with this versatile training tool. Dual handles provide a secure grip during sport or fitness workouts. Use to tone muscles, increase coordination, and gain strength. Durable vinyl surface.

    Weights: 8 LBS, 12 LBS, 16 LBS

    Medicine Balls (New)- [2494]

    Sand weighted medicine balls with durable vinyl cover. This medicine ball is perfect for total body fitness training. Build and tone muscle while improving coordination and endurance during aerobic or strength training workouts. Imported.


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